DITEC® Preservation Systems

We at DITEC® are specialists in maintenance and protection of vessels at land or sea. Our careful work and our products cleans and protects your car, boat or motorhome in depth, into every pore and nook. When we clean your vehicle, we give it a durable paint protection that preserves its value. If you like we could also evoke life in the textiles and leather, refresh the engine and luggage compartments. We do it with proud and artisan precision.

Our main goal is to always bring you the best possible experience - because We are detailers, we are DITEC®.

DITEC® Ceramic Ultra Gen II

DITEC® Ceramic Ultra Gen II represents the new generation of protection, witch provides the hardest and most durable protection so far. 

DITEC® Ceramic Ultra Gen II is a multi-layer inorganic ceramic paint protection for all types of vehicles. It consists of a hard protective undercoating (Base Coat) and a sacrificing hydrofobic top layer. (Top Coat)

The new updated DITEC® Ceramic Ultra Generation II provides improved scratch resistance, a smoother surface, highly improved salt and chemical resistance compared to Gen I. With it’s unique low molecular formulation DITEC® Ceramic Ultra Gen II are one of the best premium paint protections you will find on the market today

We leave a 9-year system warranty on DITEC® Ultra Gen II provided you follow our warranty program with a maintenance treatment every 12-month or 20000 km.

DITEC® Ceramic Plus

DITEC® Ceramic Plus is our best-selling protection. Easy application combined with good performance.

DITEC® Ceramic Plus is built on the same technology as DITEC® Ceramic Ultra and is a One-component Ceramic coating with excellent gloss and hydrofobicity.

DITEC® Ceramic Plus also provides good chemical resistance, UV-Protection and scratch resistance. 

We leave a 6-year system warranty on DITEC® Ceramic Plus provided you follow our warranty program with a maintenance treatment every 12-month or 20000 km.

DITEC® Ceramic Light

DITEC® Ceramic Light is a One-component Ceramic paint protection treatment that offers great gloss and a durable and water-repellent surface.

DITEC® Ceramic Light does not provide as strong and long-lasting protection as DITEC® Ultra and Plus, but is still a much better choice than all waxes on the market.

This is an affordable protection with good performance. DITEC® Ceramic Light can be used on both paint and gelcoat. The product can also be used on matte paintwork.

We leave a 3-year system warranty, provided you follow our warranty program with a maintenance treatment every 12-month or 20000 km.

DITEC® Original Paint Preservation

Where it all started! Our classic paint preservation with its roots from early 70-s, is still today one of the most appreciated paint preservations on the market

It’s a polymer based two component treatment which leaves a natural shiny, smooth, and nice surface on the paintwork.The sealed surface protects against UV rays, acid rain, salt, asphalt, and traffic film.

During almost 50-years we have coated hundred of thousands of cars with stunning result and satisfied customers.

We leave 9-year system warranty on new cars where we guarantee that the shine is preserved throughout the warranty period. The interval for the maintenance treatment is 18 months or every 20000 km.

DITEC® Wheel Rim Protection

DITEC® Wheel Rim Protection offers the best protection for wheels, repelling brake dust and contaminants and making them easier to maintain.

DITEC® Wheel RIM Protection will retain its integrity up to temperatures of 600oC (1112oF) making it suitable for all parts of your vehicle’s rims and brake calipers.

DITEC® Glass Protection Gen lll

DITEC® Glass Protection Gen lll is a long-lasting protective coating for glass surfaces. 

It creates a water- and dust repellant layer on the glass. The inorganic molecular bond to the glass surface provides protection against salt, calcium, mineral deposits, and UV.

DITEC® Glass Protection Gen lll contributes to increased safety when driving in the dark. The treatment of the windscreen makes insects and dirt less likely to stick and gives you good visibility even in rainy weather. You use the windscreen wipers significantly less than before and you save washer fluid.

DITEC® Glass Protection Gen lll is well suited for all kind of glass surfaces on land or at sea.

DITEC® Fabric Protection

DITEC® Fabric Protection bonds with the textiel fibres and creates an invisible protective layer. 

DITEC® Fabric Protection makes the fabric withstand more of the daily tests of a car interior, prolongs the life of the fabric and also makes it much easier to maintain.  

Spilled liquid is easilly dried up. The treatment provides a very strong barrier against stains, soaking, swelling or rotting on any fabric. Protects from staining by repelling liquids. Uv- protection is also added to the fabric.

Can also be used for soft-tops and in marine purposes.  

DITEC® Leather Protection

DITEC® Leather Protection is an effective foam cleaner specially adapted for leather and vinyl / artificial leather. Can be used in cars, boats or on motorcycle seat pads/drivers wear etc.

DITEC® Leather Protection Cream Premium is an effective protection and maintenance cream. Can be used in cars, boats or on motorcycle seat pads/drivers wear etc. The cream increases the durability of the leather and its resistance against stains and spills while also keeping it soft and supple and makes regular cleaning easier.

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